Jon Martin Austad (1985) is a Norwegian photographer from Tønsberg who graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo in 2016. He works mostly with commercial assignments, but it’s his personal projects that reflects who he is as a photographer. He only works in black and white, with a wide range of tones, from almost black to almost white. His pictures are usually inspired by nature, illuminated by nature’s own light source; directly, reflected or in the lack of light. Austad’s main project over the last last years «Luminous» was exhibited at Muun Gallery in Oslo from February to April in 2017, this was Austad’s first solo exhibition

Exhibitions & presentations

2016 Group exhibition "Unbounded - Borders in dissorder", Oslo.   

2017 Solo exhibition "Luminous". Muun Gallery, Oslo.

2017 Presented in Dagbladet Magasinet, "Øyeblikket".

2018 Presented day 80, "100Norwegian photographers".

2022 Solo exhibition "Lysobservasjoner:

Hastigheten av lys i et tomt landskap". Cyan Galleri, Oslo.

2024 Collective exhibition "Lysobservasjoner". Fotografiens hus,Oslo