Lysobservasjoner/Observations of light

"Lysobservasjoner"/"Observations of light" is series with dark photographs of bright light, the photographer draws out our searching gaze and need to be enlightened, both mentally and physically, in the landscape we move through. In most of Austad's pictures, the darkness is the prominent and supporting part, but at the same time he shows us how it is the light that shapes the darkness, and not just the other way around as we can often be led to believe.

In his pursuit of light, or the lack ofit, Austad always composes in black and white - from the almost completely dark to the completely light. The pictures are usually of nature, lit by nature's own light sources.

"Observations of light"is acontinuation of the photographer's previous project "Luminous",where he explored light in various forms:

It was reflected, direct,or the lack of it. By getting up close while observing widely, Austad carefully studied how light affected our perception of landscapes.

This project and exhibition goes even deeper into the matter and asks us to put aside the conventional,symbolic perceptions of what "light" and "dark"traditionally mean. Rather, we shall observe what the light does to the landscape. The images become an expression of something that emerges and comes towards us - something in our surroundings that we can be drawn towards. Austad's photographs show us both the great void that surrounds us, and how it can be filled and give meaning.

" You could perhaps say that the expression haunts me. It is not necessarily the light itself, but what stands out from the darkness. In the absence of light, one becomes preoccupied with it. It is in the hunt that the light becomes exciting. But to be able to see, you must at the same time remove yourself from what light/dark has traditionally meant to us. Many people are a bit stuck when it comes to black and white. You may have seen it before, but that's not the point. I want people to try to see. It's like training a muscle".